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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Deadly Caress is now published on kindle

The Deadly Caress is now published on kindle. Yipee.

It was quite a journey. One of the editors had a family emergency and was delayed with getting the manuscript back to me.

I'm pleased with the result after days of staying up half the night to get the formatting for kindle done. I didn't get the story uploaded until 23rd January.

Someone asked me why I wrote this story. I think it's what captured my attention at one time from a newspaper article and I started to get the what if's going. What if a person was to discover that the woman she though was her mother wasn't. How would she feel? What if this mother was murdered? What would this person do?

Then there's a scary scene with Amanda driving down a mountainside and that comes from my memory banks. I grew up across the road from a very bad corner and every weekend there would be at least one horrific accident. Some of these were youths speeding and chasing each other. Drunks and careless or not drivers who had miscalculated the sharp corner and careered into an oncoming car or the nearby light post. My dad would run over to see if an ambulance needed to be called as we were the only family in the street to have a phone. He'd take blankets over if the person/people was badly injured and I would help him. My sister and my mother would be too upset to be of help and didn't go.

Once a car overtook another and miscalculated. He caught the side of the vehicle and the mud guard was peeled away like a giant orange peel.

I still remember the time when at dusk a drunk stumbled onto the street and a car, unable to stop in time, slammed into him. He flew up onto the bonnet like a rag doll and fell. He lay unmoving and we though him dead. The driver was understandably distressed. The ambulance men came and began to remove something from his mouth. I though it might be teeth but it was only chips that he'd been eating when hit and the blood was because he'd bitten his lips. Then he mumbled something and saw that the police had now arrived and got up to go home. Amazingly, he only had minor injuries.

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