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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quandary with a chapter


I've finished another edit of this story incorporating all the points Victoria brought up. I didn't quite do the 100 pages per week last week but by days end on Monday it was done.

Now I'm concentrating on scene settings and descriptions.

I had a quandary with one chapter as Victoria said that she was worried it wouldn't be allowed. So I put it to my facebook group and authonomy and got some replies. Facebook prosecuting attorney said it's unusual but he can't see why it can't be done as long as the accused is Marandized. So it should be okay.
The guy on authonomy said it can't be done. I've let a message for the second guy asking if he's in law enforcement in the US. I'll see what happens from this.
The question was: Can a kidnapping victim interview the accused in jail in California?
I emailed a detective in Montery and he said it could...with a proviso that it would have be a 'pretext call'. The accused and the victim can't be in the same room. The interview would be done via a phone link.
Yipee. I was so relieved that I could have this scene.

Next draft will be dialogue and then I'll send it off to Victoria again and Symn who bravely offered to cast his studied eyes over it too.

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