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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A new review with four stars...yipee.

This made my day. Posted on Amazon Kindle by a top 500 reviewer. Wow.

The Deadly Caress is the first novel by Australian author, O.N.Stefan. When celebrated Australian nature photographer, Amanda Blake travels to California to meet Jean Campbell, the birth mother she has only just learned of, she is apprehensive but hopeful. She wants to find out why Jean, widow of Campbell- Beare Pharmaceuticals founder, Murray Campbell, gave her up for adoption, and she hopes she will finally form a real mother-daughter relationship. What she is certainly not expecting is a twin brother and a step-brother. Her twin, Brian, seems a stereotypical Aussie male: friendly, laconic and rather casual. Her step-brother, Dorian, is prickly and antagonistic. But before she has more than a few hours to connect with the real mother, Jean is found dead in her ensuite bathroom. The police suspect murder and the Campbell family lawyer, Lionel Cohen reveals that Jean was preparing a new will that left the bulk of the estate to her daughter. Amanda finds herself in a houseful of strangers, all of whom seem to have their own agenda, and is unsure who she can trust. A clue that the police seem uninterested in following up sends Amanda back to Australia to see if she can find her mother’s killer. But this is a move that puts her in more danger than she ever imagined. Stefan has crafted a murder mystery that is fast-paced, full of suspense and action-packed. The plot has quite a few twists and turns and none of the characters is what they first seem to be. Amanda starts off a bit precious, but eventually finds her metal. Everyone, it seems, even the staff and the lawyer, might have a motive for murder. Stefan manages to include plenty of excitement: assaults and murders, as well as kidnapping, shootings, car chases, a suicide and a bomb scare, with organised crime bosses, a stolen drug formula, adultery and quite a lot of money in the background. The dialogue is sharp and realistic and readers familiar with the Australian location will appreciate the chase down the mountain. It will be interesting to see what Stefan produces next. A gripping read.

The Deadly Caress is #free in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.