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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sleep then my Princess. Release date will be July 2015

It's been along journey. I didn't expect that this book would take so much time. I'd written it a few years ago. So it should have been easy to bring it up to speed. Wrong.

I'd had this story assessed and the assessor suggested I take out a secondary plot as it was overshadowing the main plot. So I listened to her and removed a third of the story. Now I had gaping holes and I edited the first third pretty well but the rest of the manuscript was very raw. I had left it like that as I'd lost interest in fixing it up by then. This story gathered "dust" until I pulled it up on my screen mid last year.

Fast forward to today. I'm now ready to send the manuscript off to an editor. I have a cover in mind, finally, and will use the cover designer I previously used on the Deadly Caress to make the cover as eye catching as it can be and to convey what the reader can expect from the story inside.

What's next. I'm planning to change pace and go back to the fantasy trilogy, of which I've written two books and need to at the very least outline the third before I can go back and start polishing the first in the series.