Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Journal Entry from Amanda Blake (The Deadly Caress.)

The Deadly Caress O. N. Stefan.

I met my mother today. I don't know exactly what I expected but one thing for sure was that I didn't think I'd look so much like her.

I want so desperately to like Jean but I'm at sixes and sevens trying to get used to the knowledge that I have a mother. She seems to be trying hard to help me come to terms with all this but I'm resisting and I can't help it. It's tearing me apart as all I was used to was a woman who I thought to be my mother, Elaine, who died when I was twelve. But now I know different. 

Funny how life throws a curve ball at you and you can't duck it no matter what you do.

The picture below is an antique camera from my little collection. I'm a professional photographer and love what I do. I get to go all over the world taking pictures of wildlife and go to places where few people have been.

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