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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sleep then My Princess - Prologue

Hi Folks

I hope you enjoy the Prologue for Sleep then My Princess. I'll be posting the first chapter shortly.


This was his night. He wouldn’t allow anything to mar what he was about to set in motion.

He killed the engine and waited inside his van as darkness fell. He saw a light come on in an upstairs window of the contemporary clapboard house across the road. Reaching for the bottle on the seat beside him, he gulped a mouthful of water while continuing to watch the house.

When the light went off, he gloved up and climbed out of the van onto the quiet residential Santa Barbara Street where the sultry sea breeze caressed his face and set the palm fronds rustling. Their menacing shadows swooped and retreated on the lamp-lit sidewalk. It was what he would call an ideal night for the perfect crime if ever there were one. He paused to wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead with a tissue and stuffed it in his pocket. Cautiously, he skirted the large oak tree beside the driveway.

The soft, flickering glow from a television seeped from under the curtains at the window as he crept across the lawn heading to the garage. Small stones scattered when he stumbled on the uneven pathway. Jesus, he cursed silently as he hesitated.

Thankfully, no dog barked. He pulled out a penlight, shone its beam low, until he reached the back entrance of the garage.

Once inside, hands trembling with adrenaline, he dropped the penlight. It clattered to the floor and went off. Cursing to himself, he scrambled around in the dark until his fingers closed around it.

Opening the Ford, he leaned under the steering wheel, felt for the hood release and pulled it. Holding the penlight in his mouth, he lifted the hood and found the hydraulic brake fluid line. He pulled his wrench from his pocket, undid the nut holding line and eased it off with urgent fingers. Finally, he gently closed the hood.

Back in his van, he tried to still his trembling hands and ignore the nervous sweat soaking his shirt. He itched to rip it off. 

About an hour later, the external house lights went on, and a tall, slim man and a boy carrying a stuffed animal appeared. The child could only have been his son.

The man opened the garage door and secured the child into the Ford, went around and climbed in. The man backed the vehicle onto the street and drove away.

He tailed the man and the child, keeping several car lengths away so as not to arouse suspicion, his heart thumping with anticipation.

The Ford picked up speed down the hill, took the first curve too fast and the next one even faster. It careened on two wheels at the next curve and flew over the embankment, tumbling end over end, tearing bushes and bouncing off boulders. Over and over the Ford tumbled with bits of vehicle tearing away until it halted in the valley, wheels spinning. Breathing hard with pent up pleasure, he stopped to see if the man or his son climbed from the battered vehicle.
When the Ford erupted into flames, he punched the air as the feeling of absolute power surged through him.

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