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Monday, September 9, 2013

beta readers needed please.

I'm at the stage were I need to find some beta readers for my thriller/suspense 'The Deadly Caress' before I self-publish. I'm happy to return the favour.

I need you to read my story and give me some feedback. I'm happy to pay you if that's what it takes.

Please email me at Put in the subject line: beta reader 'Deadly Caress'.


Book picture by Pavel Guzenko

Amanda Blake sets out to find her mother’s murderer. She gets more than she bargained for and becomes a target herself.
Amanda BLAKE, a freelance photographer, discovers she has been adopted and seeks out her natural mother Jean CAMPBELL in California. When it becomes evident that her mother has been murdered, Amanda sets out to discover her mother’s killer. Her quest takes her back to Sydney to see the man who she thinks holds the answer to the killer’s identity. While visiting this man, she has to run for her life as a hail of gunshots pockmark the walls and shatter the windows. Someone will stop at nothing till she is dead. If she thought things were bad enough, they are about to get much worse...
The Deadly Caress is complete at 80,000 words