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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Substantive Edit

My manuscript is off to get a substantive edit today. I'm excited that finally I'm almost at the end of the journey. My plan is to self publish on Kindle some time in December.

These are the things my editor will be looking for:


Structure is appropriate for the intended audience and medium.

Material is organized into an appropriate structure and sequence.

Chapter and sub-section divisions are appropriately organized and meaningful.

Language is appropriate for the intended audience and medium.

Consistent style, reading level, point of view, and level of decorum is used.

Appropriate stylistic and dramatic devices are enhanced or minimized as necessary.

Ambiguous vocabulary and syntax are recognized and clarified.

Statements that should be checked for accuracy are noted for copy editor or fact checker.

Redundancies and verbosity are eliminated.

Jargon that is inappropriate for the intended audience is eliminated.

Possible legal trouble spots (e.g., libel, plagiarism, missing permissions) or departures from social acceptability (e.g., gender, ethnicity, or age bias; failure to give sources) are identified for author
and publisher.

Revise or cut manuscript to meet length requirements, as necessary.

Adapted from the Editors’ Association of Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards book, revised edition.